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  • GAS Transport Tanker Trailer For Uganda
    18.08.2023 Company News
      Uganda customer want a GAS Transport tanker trailer to transport the liquefied petroleum gas, the tanker body loading capacity request need meet 52m3. He has searched on the Google and found our GAS Transport tanker trailer......
  • 54000 Liter Fuel Tanker Trailer For Côte d'Ivoire
    15.08.2023 Company News
      Our Côte d'Ivoire customer needs a 54000 liter fuel tanker trailer to transport oil, the customer doesn't speak English and it is difficult to communicate. However, our sales manager Johnson solved the customer's problems ......
  • Aluminum Petrol Transport Trailer For Malawi
    11.08.2023 Company News
      The customer in Malawi needed 1 aluminum petrol transport trailer to fulfill the need of transporting 42000 liters fuel, he inquired many aluminum petrol transport trailer and finally chose us. He finally chose us because we are......
  • 40FT Flat Deck Trailer For Sierra Leone
    09.08.2023 Company News
      40FT flat deck trailer very popular in Sierra Leone, the customers usually use it transport the container and some general cargoes. Our local customer would like to buy one to transport the cement bag from warehouse to his custo......
  • 2 Units 70 Tons Lowboy Trailer For Tanzania
    07.08.2023 Company News
      Our Tanzania customers is our local agent, mainly sell our truck and all kind of semi trailer. This time his local customer need 2 units 70 Tons Lowboy Trailer to transport the power station, and the customer have data for the l......
  • 3 Axles Dump Truck Trailer For Mali
    03.08.2023 Company News
      As a reliable and mature dump truck trailer manufacturer, our company every year can produce all kind of dump truck trailer over 500 units. The Mali customer got our contact information from his friend, and want to buy a 3 ......