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3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer
3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer 3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer 3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer 3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer

3 Axles 70 Ton Dump Semi Trailer

Product ID : TMA3A70TDST-1500
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Truckman Dump truck Trailer is suitable for the transport of coal, ore, building materials and other bulk materials.After dump trailer can effectively load, unload and transport bulk cargo, U-shaped box is a popular product in construction transportation industry. 2 axle, 3 axle and 4 axle dump trailer with 40-80 tons load capacity can be provided according to customer requirements.We can offer you good quality and competitive price.

Product Description

3 Axles 70 Tons Dump Semi Trailer


1. Dimension: 11000x2580x3800mm

2. Axle: 3x16 tons, ZY brand

3. Tire: 12.00R20, 12 pcs, LINGLONG

4. Main Beam: upper 16mm, lower 18mm, middle 8+8mm

5. Support Leg: JOST brand, 28 tons

6. Tractor Pin: JOST brand, 90#

7. Suspension: 8mm thickness, heavy duty loading

8. Leaf Spring: 90x16mmx10pcs

9. Wheel Rim: 18mm

10. Brake Valve: WABCO brand

11. Hooks: Stronger hooks

12.Lifting system: HYVA brand front hydraulic

13.Cargo box:10000*2300*1500mm Bottom 8mm side 6mm


Dump Semi Trailer


-1.Dump Semi Trailer Q355 Manganese Steel

Dump Semi Trailer Q355 Steel Features:

Now all the semi trailers of TRUCKMAN AUTO are made of Q355 is a low alloy high strength structural steel., which comes from famous steel factory. This kind of steel has the characteristics of wear resistance, not easy to deform, rust and so on.

-2. Dump Semi Trailer Automatic submerged arc welding


Submerged arc welding is a welding method in which the arc burns under the flux layer. It has the inherent advantages of stable welding quality, high welding productivity. The weld seam is of high quality. Not easy to desolder. Beautiful welds. The trailer parts are welded firmly. Durable and not easily damaged.


-3. Dump Semi Trailer Shot blasting and sand blasting


Shot blasting is a cold treatment process, which is divided into shot blasting cleaning and shot blasting strengthening. Shot blasting cleaning, as the name suggests, is to remove impurities such as surface oxide scale to improve the appearance quality. Shot blasting strengthening can improve the fatigue fracture resistance of materials/parts, prevent fatigue failure, plasticity Deformation and brittle fracture, improve fatigue life.



TRUCKMAN AUTO has rich experience in the design of dump semi trailers. TRUCKMAN AUTO’s dump semi trailers by have CO, BV, FORM E, CIQ, SGS etc certificates and are currently sold to more than 80 countries around the world. It is precisely because of the durable material Q355 steel and advanced production technology, such as: automatic submerged arc welding technology, plasma laser cutting and other technologies, that the quality of TRUCKMAN AUTO semi trailer is recognized by customers.
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