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The Following Information Can Help You Buy A Good Container Semi Trailer.


1. What Is A Container Semi-trailer ?


A. Function: As the name implies, container semi trailers are specially used to transport all kinds of containers,

such as 20FT, 40FT and 45FT container. And also can transport bulk cargo.


B. Type: According to different purposes, the container semi trailer including flat bed container trailer, skeleton chassis

container trailer, and container side loader trailer. And advantage of each container trailer as follow:

The flatbed container trailer most common, can transport all kinds of containers, also can transport bulk cargo.


The skeleton container trailer self weight is soft, can loading more cargoes compare with flatbed container trailer,

but it only can transport container, cant transport bulk cargo.


Container side loader trailer suitable for ports, warehouses and other stations without lifting capacity. By the crane on

both sides of the semi-trailer to loading and unloading of containers , the operation is very simple.


2. What Are The Components Of TRUCKMAN AUTO's Container Trailer ?


Our TRUCKMAN AUTO container main component including the trailer loading platform, trailer chassis, suspension

system, axle and tire, support leg, and tractor pin.


A. Loading Platform: The loading platform is designed with a diamond plate style, Increase friction, Improve stability

and is 3mm thick. High strength Q460C steel, 12 pcs container locks and 24 pcs thicker version of the rope tensioner.


B. Trailer Chassis: The material adopt the Q460C model, the yield strength value can reach to 460MPa, higher strength

than ordinary steel Q345. Main beam adopt the “I” design, side beam, cross beam more thicker, confirm the trailer

chassis stability and durability.


C. Suspension System: A good suspension can buffer the impact force transmitted to the frame or body from the uneven

road to the greatest extent, and reduce the vibration caused by this, so as to ensure that the semi trailer can run smoothly.

TRUCKMAN AUTO adopt the 90x16mm, 10 layer leaf spring for container semi trailer, to replace old 90x13mm,

8 layer leaf spring. Thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing service life.


D. Axle and Tire: axle and tire is most important components of container trailer, it’s can decide how far the semi trailer

can run and how many tons of cargo can be transport. Now our TRUCKMAN AUTO container semi trailer use 16 tons

axle, instead of 13 tons axle to confirm the trailer loading capacity. Even for overloading also no issue. For the tire

we work with famous brand tire factory directly, It not only reduces customer purchase costs but also brings

customers high quality tires.


E. Support Leg: The main components of the leg are two speed gearbox, support sleeve, support rod, drive screw and

support etc. Two-speed, manual operating and heavy duty loading design. TRUCKMAN AUTO trailer use JOST and

FUWA brand support leg, with 1 year warranty.


F. Tractor Pin: The traction pin is an important part connecting the tractor truck and the trailer, suggest use the

90# (3.5 inch) enhance tractor pin for semi trailer.


3. TRUCKMAN AUTO Container Semi Trailer Design Drawing.


                                                                 Flatbed container trailer design drawing.

                                                           Skeleton chassis trailer design drawing.

                                                                Container side loader trailer design drawing.


These container semi trailer design drawing is for transport 20FT and 40FT container only, we can design trailer drawings

according to your requirements for your reference.


4. How About The Specification Of TRUCKMAN AUTO Container Semi Trailer ?


Dimension: 12500x2500x1600mm

Loading capacity: 45 tons

Axles: 3 axles, 13 tons or 16 tons.

Tire: 12 units, 315/80R22.5 or 12.00R20.

Rim: thickness enhanced, 18mm.

Suspension: Heavy duty mechanical suspension.

Spring Leaf: 90(W)mmx16(Thickness)mmx10 layers (thickness enhanced)

King Pin: JOST brand, 90#, 3.5 inch.

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28tons, double-speed.

Main Beam: Height: 500mm, Upper plate: 14mm, Middle plate: 8mm, Bottom plate: 16mm.

Side Beam: 16mm

Platform: 3mm-thick checkered plate

Brake Chamber: WABCO RE 6 relay valve; T30/30+T30 spring brake chamber(TKL brand), 45L air tank

Twist Locks: 12 pcs

Valve: WABCO valve

Light: LED light

Voltage: 24V

Tool Box: 1 pcs

Painting: Polyurethane, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.


5. TRUCKMAN AUTO Container Semi Trailer Detail Picture.


A. Thicker Wheel Rim.

Our container semi trailer use 18mm thicker wheel rim, improve the loading capacity. Braking effect more stronger than

normal ones, with wear-resistant and long service life etc advantage. The 18mm thickness rim color is yellow.

                            18mm thickness rim                                                                16mm thickness rim


B. Leaf Spring.

Although the purchase cost of the container semi trailer equipped with 90(W)x13mm(Thickness)x10(layer) is very low,

in the long run, the service life of this leaf spring is short and the maintenance cost is high. A set of $530 is required.

The TRUCKMAN AUTO semi-trailer adopts a 90(W)x16mm(Thickness)x10(layer) leaf spring. The service life is 5 times

that of a 13mm thick leaf spring, which is more durable and saves maintenance costs for customers.


C. 16 Tons Axle.

TRUCKMAN AUTO can delivery 350 units semi trailer to the world. According to recently year our customers feedback,

13 tons axle are becoming less and less suitable for market needs, so we developed a heavy duty version of 16 ton axles.

This axle has the characteristics of stronger bearing capacity, convenient maintenance, and low cost. And we have an

agent in Vietnam that specializes in selling 16 ton axles.


D. Other Details.

There are two kinds of hooks, one is a normal hook, and the other is a reinforced hook, please see the picture. The normal

hook is easy to be torn off when the tarp is fastened, but this reinforced hook will not fall off no matter how you pull it or

even hit it with other things. This kind of reinforced hook is designed by our TRUCKMAN AUTO for the customer’s semi trailer.


6. Container Semi Trailer Painting.


The surface treatment of the rust-proof chassis is very necessary, and then 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layer of top coats.


A. Shot Blasting Tech:

Shot blasting is often used to clean the surface of castings or strengthen the surface of parts, remove the oxide layer

on the surface of the parts, and have a good rust removal effect, thereby increasing the bonding strength of the paint

and the semi-trailer, and significantly improving the fatigue strength of the material.


B. Polyurethane Coating:

Compared with other paints, polyurethane paint has bright colors, strong durability, chemical resistance, water resistance,

and strong adhesion. The cost is also 400 US dollars higher than other paints.


7. How To Maintain Container Semi Trailer ?


Even the best semi-trailers need to be maintained to increase their service life and create the greatest economic benefits.


8. TRUCKMAN AUTO Container Semi Trailer Package.


All TRUCKMAN AUTO semi trailer before shipment will testing to ensure the quality, and will send the customers testing report.


Package: In order to help customers save freight cost, we will put 2, 3 or 4 semi trailer stacks together to reduce the

overall size (freight cost is calculated according to the volume of the goods). In addition, a strong iron wire will be

used for binding, and rubber will be used for protection where the iron wire and the semi trailer contact to prevent paint damage.


9. How To Avoid Container Semi Trailer Rusting When Transported On The Ocean ?


A. Spray Wax: Before shipment, we will clean trailer, after there is no water on the surface of the trailer. We will spray

wax on trailer surface and then wax drying we will send trailer to shipping port.


B. Cover Raincoat: When the shipment is completed, we will continue to cover the trailer with raincoats, and then add a

layer of net bag to the outside. The role of the raincoat is to prevent the waves from eroding the trailer, and the role of the

net bag is to reinforce and prevent the raincoat from being blown up by strong winds.